Landscape Lighting

A well designed landscape lighting system can transform your garden into a relaxing retreat, offering stress relief from our busy lives.

Professional Installation

We are a Licensed Electrical Contractor, fully trained and experienced in low voltage installation.


Our design expertise comes from years of experience and training, using techniques that we’veTroy New York - Before and After Layers learnt along the way to create a soft tranquil lighting setting that will enhance your nighttime relaxation.

Product selection and Longevity

Care is taken at the very beginning, with product selection, which can be daunting for the homeowner as all fixtures and lamps are not created equal.

Pricing and the process

Susan would be happy to meet with you to view the property.  She will come up with pricing based upon your needs, and then should you decide to proceed, she will meet with you to review pricing and final design.  Should you need a copy of the plan prior to your commitment, that can be arranged for a fee, which would be deductible should you decide to proceed.Is lighting expensive?  Inexpensive lighting systems do exist, but don’t expect them to last.  Over the years, through our research, we have found what lasts, important with our extreme seasons, and unfortunately that comes with a higher price tag. The design and number of fixtures required determines the final pricing.  Good design may require more fixtures than someone offering a cheaper solution.  If budget is a concern it is best to do the project in phases rather than compromise on the look.

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