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Family owned business…….

Ambiance’s parent Company, Model Electrical Inc. was founded in 1994.

Eddie HouzzOwner Eddie, hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland and has called Canada his home since 1976, when he brought along with him his skills as a qualified electrician, and has worked in the industry ever since.  Since then has gone on to become a Master Electrician, and member of the ACP program through the Electrical Safety Authority.   Though in Canada many years, he still manages to engage in entertaining stories so typical of his Northern Irish heritage.

Eddie, along with his wife Susan, went on to include landscape lighting as an additional option to their growing business, which resulted in the name change.

Susan, a native of Co. Durham in England, Susan Websitehas had a prominent influence with the landscape lighting side of the business. Her travels, to California and New York, to learn the best techniques in both design and installation have been greatly rewarded by the unique experience of seeing customer’s faces when the final design is revealed.

Their dedicated staff have been instrumental in helping both Eddie and Susan achieve success in providing customer’s with outstanding service, and exceptional feedback.





Great service, great staff

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